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One to Watch – Markus Henriksen

An international side looking to get back with the big boys of the world are looking to one player to steer them in the right direction.

Henriksen has been linked with Arsenal in recent times

Norway’s upcoming superstar, Markus Henriksen, could be the one to see his country contend with the major forces in world football.

Henriksen made his debut for his domestic club, Rosenborg, at the age of seventeen, and subsequently qualified for a league winners medal that season.

He is the son of Rosenborg assistant manager, Trond Henriksen, but this didn’t aid his rise into the first team. His ability was evident, and whoever was in charge would have found it difficult to exclude him from the team.

The central midfielder is said to have excellent positional play which gives him a huge advantage over his opponents, many much more senior than himself.

Although named a central midfielder, the 18-year-old can play in both attacking and defensive roles, making him a very versatile player, useful for any manager.

This season the wonderkid has scored 11 goals in 37 appearances, impressive for a central midfielder.

Henriksen has quickly worked himself up the ladder on the international stage.

In 2009, Henriksen made his debut for Norway Under 19s and went on to only play three games for the side before breaking into the Under 21 side. He made only two appearances for the under 21 squad and scored once. He was then called up to the senior side for a friendly with Croatia in 2010. Norway lost 2-1 but Henriksen put in a solid performance still at the tender age of 18.

Obviously,  a player of this calibre has been linked to many top European sides, and one will always be mentioned. Arsenal have enquired many times about the young midfielder. But whether Henriksen stays with his home club, or opts for Arsene Wenger’s experience and reputation for turning young stars into world beaters is yet to be seen. The summer looks the most likely time for Henriksen to move, with clubs watching him until the last kick of the season. Whether he moves this summer or next, we are very likely to see a lot of this boy in the future.

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