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Football Foundation: Putting the Roots into Grassroots Football

Football's biggest supporter.

Since its establishment in 2000, the Football Foundation has become a household name throughout Britain as they strive to promote football in the community. They encourage the improving of facilities, create opportunities and build communities in the country giving people from all sorts of cultures and background the chance to play our beautiful game. But what else do people actually know about football’s largest charity?

The Foundation puts over £30m into grassroots football every year in England. With support from major football partners such as the Premier League and the FA, the organisation also receives grants from the government to expand its ever-growing popularity and output to our communities.

The Football Foundation has different goals when working with different associations but always maintains the same positive outlook on the nation’s favourite sport. With the FA, the charity aims to maintain, improve and increase the stock of community accessible football facilities whilst increasing the number of FA affiliated players in our country. They also have a particular focus with the FA of encouraging football amongst minority groups.

It is no secret that football has been used for years as a method of discouraging anti-social behaviour on the streets amongst youths and directing them into education through football. The sport encourages teamwork, discipline and skill and can be translated into any aspect of life. This is certainly doing a great job so far but there is obviously a lot of work in this area that still needs to be done. Hopefully the Football Foundation can continue making steps to eradicate anti-social behaviour through football and thus education within England. Their work is already paying dividends and the organisation has supported 2,707 football initiatives in the community to stop crime since 2000. Phenomenal.

The Football Foundation has obviously been very successful over the years but did you know how much they have contributed to English football at a grassroots level?

They have provided over 1,500 schools with new football facilities. Over 690 changing rooms have also been funded by the organisation. More than 350 artificial pitches have been built in England all courtesy of the Football Foundation. This is key in winter when grass facilities become waterlogged and youngsters do not have the access to indoor centres due to costs or distances. Hopefully providing pitches like this can improve the winter spirit of football within the community.

The Youth Radar fully supports the Football Foundation and all that it stands to achieve. You can find more information through the Football Foundation’s official website and find out how you can apply for a grant and some of their previous projects here.


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