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Will Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Make it to Euro 2012?

Alex Oxlade Chamberlain is a favourite amongst many to travel to the European Championships this summer.

If you fancy a little Euro 2012 bet, this man could make all the difference.

Whether Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will fly to Poland and Ukraine is a debatable subject and will ultimately come down to whoever gets put in charge of England. But despite much of the English public calling for his name to be included in the 23-man squad, amongst some of the best writers in the game, there is a lot of discussion whether he actually deserves his place?

Every week at the Emirates you hear the fans chanting and calling for him to be introduced to the field and many say that the Ox is an electrifying talent. They aren’t wrong, even the manager believes he can play a huge role in England’s bid to lift the trophy.. You only have to look at his wicked pace to know that he is equal to Walcott or Lennon in the bid for a right wing slot, but if he is equal, why does Arsene Wenger tend to favour Theo Walcott most weeks?

We have to remember that Oxlade-Chamberlain is still very young. He will still only be 18-years-old when the tournament begins in June and although he cost Arsenal a justifiable £12million, he has only played 14 times in the league for the Gunners since making the move in August 2011. Furthermore he has actually only started 5 league games this season for the Champions League challengers. Surely a player who many think is a pivotal part to England’s European Championship campaign has to have started more than 5 league games this season for their own club?

Also, contrary to the thought he is a very attack-minded player, he has not scored for Arsenal since the start of February in all competitions, despite taking part in 12 games since then.

His potential rival for a place on the plane to eastern Europe, Theo Walcott, has played in 33 Premier League games this season and scored 8 times.

Another rival is Aaron Lennon, and if one asssumes that Walcott will be first choice on the right hand side, Lennon could well be the main competition for Oxlade-Chamberlain as he bids for a place in the squad. The 25-year-old has appeared 18 times in a Spurs shirt in the Premier League this season but has the same problem as Oxlade-Chamberlain when it comes to finding the net, only scoring 3 times.

But is Oxlade-Chamberlain the solution to our left-wing dilemma? For years the left wing has been filled by players playing out of position. Ashley Young looks first choice to fill that role in the summer but Oxlade-Chamberlain could be used as potential back-up for him?

In my opinion, despite the negatives highlighted, he should be on the plane to Ukraine and Poland. Even though he hasn’t appeared as much as one would think, he is still a great talent and every time he comes on the pitch you feel as if something magical could happen.

Do you agree?





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