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Videos are Helping to Scout the Next Generation of English Talent

Branston is hoping to discover the next big star of English football.

Branston is hoping to discover the next big star of English football.

Allaboutballerz.com is a new platform for young footballers to get noticed through the hard work of Aldershot Town player Guy Branston (currently on loan at Bristol Rovers).

The Youth Radar are pleased to announce a partnership with his site, and here’s Guy’s first blog from the allaboutballerz site.

It seems the allaboutballerz.com website is really getting seen and used in the UK Non League scene with clubs, scouts, youth and first team managers using it more and more by watching football skills videos on the website. The popularity is evident because we have had another trial offer and success story to tell you about this week:

Henry Blundell – 16 years old

As soon as we watch the football clips and the relationship has started between the player and the website, we showcase their football video clips and post them to clubs in the Midlands and Greater Manchester region via different Social Media paths. Timing is very important and Henry was the first player to upload more than one video. We spoke to his Dad first because we think its important to get the family on board with this website. We helped his father with any things he might have been concerned about or any advice he needed.

People in the football industry want fit players ready to train and play so we ask questions about these things to the players and family.Clubs will see it as a waste of time and money if players are not fit. So we get this information out they straight away to help the player(s) and clubs save time and money. Due to the success of this system we got Henry Blundell a trial with Chester City where he trained for a day with the youth team and has been invited back again for a further week which is massive news for the website, Henry and his family.

He was fit and ready to go on loan and that’s what people want to see so well done Henry Blundell. 

Nigel Blundell (Henry’s Father) about his allaboutballerz.com experiences;

We were at a loss of what to do next, and then came allaboutballerz.com just what we had been waiting for. I contacted the owner of the site (Guy Branston), to my surprise he was a real professional footballer – not some budding computer wizard who was preying on people’s dreams making a fast buck like many others in the football/website industry.

I was gobsmacked I was on the phone to real footballer who was genuinely interested in helping lads get a break. He was very aware of the obstacles in the way of making it and all the talent that goes unnoticed. He explained our experience was of no surprise and that this was the thing that spurred him on to help lads like mine get noticed. He explained that I had done most of the hard work as I had video footage and a CV, and that there were many out there without this, so how could they be serious about a career in football? This would be first thing a manager would ask for when looking for players, as they are far too busy to be waiting for players to emerge through the scouting system let alone organise trails.

So, the next thing I did was to register with the site, upload the videos of my son and his CV. This was simple as I had all this to hand, Guy also had a very helpful team of web technicians to ensure the process went smoothly which is very reassuring should any problems arise.

Within no time at all my sons profile was live on the site and I immediately started to get peoples approval of the videos through Guy’s large social network of football minded people. Two weeks later I received a phone call and my son is now on his first trial with a blue square football club. I cannot emphasize enough how easy it was and how helpful Guy is! Imagine being able to pick up the phone to a real footballer who can really help and is genuinely interested in helping lads into football.

I hope you are inspired from this story and it encourages you to do something about your football, get a grip manage your future don’t just sit on the bench while the mangers play his son and his mates every game hoping you’ll get ten minutes (if you’re lucky)! Get noticed do it now and make a difference. I wish to make clear I am just a normal dad trying to the best for his son – I have no connection with this website and had never met Guy, I just had to tell this story to help everyone else who is in a similar situation. There are no guarantees that your son will be the next David Beckham, but a little help from the right people will go a long way. Your future is in your hands so the rest is up to you.

Thank you Guy we could not have done it without your help. Me and my son will continue to use allaboutballerz thoughtful his career.


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