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Stuart Pearce: Focus Is On Summer Glory Rather Than New Contract

Stuart Pearce takes his side into Israel uncertain about his future.

Stuart Pearce takes his side into Israel uncertain about his future.

Stuart Pearce’s England managerial contract comes to an end this summer after the Euro finals, but he insists his focus in on guiding England to glory rather than concerns over his own future.

Pearce insists he is relaxed about the situation as he spoke to the Independent: “When asked about his contract, the last thing we’ve heard was probably it might be deferred to the summer.

“It is not a major priority for myself. The tournament is more important for me.”

Pearce believes it is necessary to send the strongest possible squad to the tournament to aid the development of the country’s youngsters and has the support of Roy Hodgson in doing so. He said: “Roy has made it clear he wants to send a really strong squad to the Under-21s.

“My stance has been the same for the last six years, that everytime you go to a major tournament you should go with your best possible available players at that age group.

“I’m always of that opinion when I look at Spain, France, Germany, how they’ve won things at the younger age groups before they’ve stepped up and conquered the world and Europe. We have to do the same.”

Pearce says he is excited about Will Hughes and Luke Shaw, two of the latest youngsters to come through the system and join the Under 21 side. He said: “Once one group of players goes through to the seniors, all of a sudden another group of youngsters comes through.

“The likes of Will Hughes and Luke Shaw have just come into the group and they excite me.

“Will has had a good season. I’m good friends with Nigel Clough so I keep in close contact about how he is doing at Derby.

“We are pleased with his development and have to make sure that we nurture that development.

“He seems a very level headed young man and that’s all the good for England and Derby.

“I’ve been very impressed with Luke Shaw. It’s a position I played for many years.

“I think he has played very well and is a good prospect.” Pearce concluded.


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