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14-Year-Old Jordan Allan Sets Record By Making First Team Debut In Scotland

Jordan Allan shows off his trophies. Image: Daily Record.

Jordan Allan shows off his trophies. Image: Daily Record.

14-year-old Jordan Allan became the youngest ever player to feature in a first-team match in Britain as he appeared for Airdrie United against Livingston at the weekend.

It is believed that he surpassed the previous record set by Reuben Noble-Lazarus when he came on for Barnsley in their defeat against Ipswich Town in 2008 aged 15.

Allan was previously on trial at Fulham and went straight back into action for Airdrie’s Under 15 side the next day – scoring six goals in a 9-3 win.

Airdrie’s assistant manager Alan Lawrence told the Daily Record: “The last player Airdrie had who you could compare Jordan to would be Tony Watt who left us a few years ago to move to Celtic. But he was 17 years old by then and was bigger and stronger.

“If Jordan keeps progressing as he has been then he could be on the same route as Tony. I have no doubt about that.

“The boss, Jimmy Boyle, and myself spoke last Thursday night about including Jordan against Livingston. I just said, ‘Why not?’

“It’s the right time of the season and there was nothing at stake for us so it was the chance to give another young boy an opportunity.

“At his own level his finishing ability is phenomenal – he just has the knack.

“He has a lot to learn which you would expect from a 14-year-old but he has all the attributes to go the whole way.

“I took him aside before the game and said, ‘Well done for getting in and I hope we can get you on the pitch at some point’.

“But before we could do that one of our defenders told us he was injured and we were two down and didn’t want to lose any more goals.”


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