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Manchester United Reach Final As Larnell Cole Nets Liverpool Hat Trick

Larnell Cole scored all three goals in Man United's win.

Larnell Cole scored all three goals in Man United’s win.

A Larnell Cole hat-trick fired Manchester United into the Barclays Under 21 Premier League final after they thrashed Liverpool 3-0 last night.

His triple included two penalties and a second half thumper to set United up with a final tie against Tottenham Hotspur on Monday.

Tom Lawrence was fouled by Stephen Sama for the first opening of the game which resulted in the opportunity for United to take the lead through Cole from the spot.

Jon Flanagan conceded the next penalty as Lawrence was fouled again. As before, Cole stepped up to net past Daniel Ward.

Adnan Januzaj’s corner fell to Cole on the edge of the box for him to fire in a third just after the break and secure the victory.

Take a look at Cole’s third goal in the video below

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3 thoughts on “Manchester United Reach Final As Larnell Cole Nets Liverpool Hat Trick

  1. Reblogged this on kerembiskin and commented:
    bence müthiş

    Posted by kkeremkeremm | May 15, 2013, 1:15 pm
  2. That is good

    Posted by rafeau surj | May 15, 2013, 1:29 pm
  3. Thrashed is harsh….

    Despite being pleased with the result the scoreline does not accurately reflect a good quality well balanced match, which was ruined (from a neutrals perspective) by the total incompetence from the referee…he must have been 18 stone, never moved more than 15 yards away from the centre circle, and guessed at the 2 penalty decisions. We know he guessed because TV replays from behind the goal showed that the refs view was totally obscured both times… and the linesmen didnt flag….as it happens he guessed wrong twice…. the lad Lawrence fell to ground far too easily (much easier than Suarez and Bale do), and neither were pens. (Both were in fact embarassing!)

    Clubs like Spurs, Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea invest millions of £ each year in their academy and the least the FA should do is ensure that the Academy matches are refereed by half competent officials.

    Posted by Steve B | May 15, 2013, 1:46 pm

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