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VIDEO: England Crash And Burn In Israel With Defeat To Host Nation

Stuart Pearce, manager of Manchester City F.C.

Pearce exits the tournament knowing his contract expires this summer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Guy Luzon’s Israel beat England Under 21s in their final group game to leave the Young Lions bottom of the group and pointless as they deservedly exit the tournament.

It was Ofir Krieff’s 80th minute effort that sent Stuart Pearce’s men hanging their heads in shame. A good goal in all fairness, but one that should have been unexpected and fluke – but that it was not.

They had already left the tournament before this fixture, after defeat to Norway, much to the disgust of the British public. This loss made for an all-round abysmal campaign.

Their immaculate record leading into the tournament meant nothing in the real thing. The only positive that can be taken from the tournament is the performances of West Bromwich Albion’s Craig Dawson, who should have finished the tournament on two goals – it was only one thanks to the referee against Italy.

Who’s fault was the failure then? Was it Pearce, who’s contract runs out this summer and now looks increasingly like it will not be renewed? Was it the players, who performed under par throughout? Was it the conditions, that hindered England so much they could not play under them? Or was it Roy Hodgson, who refused permission for his under 21-eligible senior players to play in the tournament, when so many other international managers relaxed their personal rules?

There will be a whole lot of media coverage making those decisions in the next few days. Post your comment below having your say where it all went wrong.

Watch the video highlights below of Israel’s goal.

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