Junioren Bundesliga U19

junioren bundesliga

Wolfsburg are the reigning champions of Germany's highest level of youth club football.

Wolfsburg are the reigning champions of Germany’s highest level of youth club football.

Germany is a country well known for their transformation in football coaching among youngsters in the past decade following their abysmal Euro 2000 campaign.

The senior team’s results are ever-improving, which means the youth system is flourishing and this year’s Junioren Bundesliga U19 should be a gripping affair.

The Junioren Bundesliga is an under 19 competition that accumulates the best that German youth football has to offer. The league is split into three regional groups (Nord/Nordost, Sud/Sudwest and West) of which the winner of each group goes into a semi-final along with second place in the Sud/Sudwest group (That region is the largest).

Winners and finalists

Youth Radar table - Copy.jpg




















VFL Wolfsburg are the reigning champions, and the betting sites are predicting a very similar outcome this year with VFL Wolfsburg favourite to take the title again but sides like Bayern Munich, Schalke, Dortmund and Hamburg and the lesser-known flourishing youth academies such as Freiburg and Frankfurt will be on the prowl to cause an upset.

The new season kicks off on Sunday 11th August with a full set of fixtures from all three groups. The Youth Radar will bring you all the results here on this dedicated page.

There are under 17, 15 and 13 divisions below the top under 19 league where females are allowed to take part.

2013/14 News

– Junioren Bundesliga U19 – Week Fifteen

Junioren Bundesliga U19 – Week Fourteen

Junioren Bundesliga U19 – Week Thirteen

Junioren Bundesliga U19: Week Eleven

Junioren Bundesliga U19: Week Ten

Junioren Bundesliga U19: Week Nine

Junioren Bundesliga U19: Week Eight

Junioren Bundesliga U19: Week Seven

– Junioren Bundesliga U19 Week Six

Junioren Bundesliga U19 Week Five

Junioren Bundesliga U19 Week Four

Junioren Bundesliga U19 Week Three

Junioren Bundesliga U19 Week Two

Junioren Bundesliga Opening Weekend


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